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Dr. med. vet. Patrick Blättler Monnier: LupoMove PUPPY - englisch

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A revised and expanded guide to the healthy development of puppies - this issue is also very interesting for specialists such as veterinarians, practice employees and dog trainers!

Dr. med. vet. Patrick Blättler Monnier (OrthoVET veterinary practice, Frenkendorf) has specialized in orthopedics and exercise for dogs. Even as a puppy, the course can be set for a healthy, active dog life. The book deals with nutrition, play, exercise - but now also in detail with physical changes (orthopaedic diseases) of the puppy.

The goal of orthopedics is not just to treat emergencies. It is designed to identify form and function disorders at an early stage, to stop their progress and to correct them through the use of modern therapy methods. The focus is not on quick success, but all efforts are geared towards long-term problem solving (...). Dr. med. vet. Patrick Blättler Monnier.

The book also offers a wide range of exciting topics for dog owners.

For example, in the context of maintaining, strengthening and regaining the health of dogs, the author presents evidence-based advice on the early detection of medically conspicuous behavior and appropriate therapy methods as well as age- and breed-appropriate nutrition, type and duration of exercise for puppies. Integrated into the work are meaningful graphics, photographs and X-rays, as well as videos that can be called up via QR code, which visualize practical examples of the problems described and present the topics clearly.

The following topics are also addressed:

  • length of the walk
  • puppy food
  • Detection of orthopedic diseases
  • towing lines warmth (heat)

Looking after the puppy's health is so important and should be brought more into people's consciousness. Pain can trigger behavioral problems and other physical symptoms (such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.).

And from my own experience: If you think your puppy or young dog isn't walking "smoothly" or something is wrong, listen to your feeling and have it clarified thoroughly by a good specialist. Many dogs don't show their pain overtly, instead showing it in the subtleties of their behavior.

Undiscovered pain triggers can result in years of vet odyssey and the dog suffers.

Edition: english

S. 247